Total Basecoins in circulation:
52 717.40
Virtual Basecoins: 52 717.40
Crypto Basecoins: 0.00
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Crypto currency: Basecoin (BASE)
The crypto Basecoin is an Ethereum Standard Token, an ERC-20 Token. Token Information (Do not pay to this address)
Sorry, presently not available!

Virtual digital currency: Basecoin, bac (1 BC = 100 bac)
The virtual Basecoin can be stored and used on the iduzone platform.
1 Basecoin has the value of 1 Euro presently, as long as the Euro keeps its value.
At high inflation of the Euro the Basecoin will get an own value.
The virtual Basecoin is asset-backed by the GCM CLG.
Legal Term: Virtual Basecoins are debentures of the GCM CLG.
Initially the proceeds are dedicated for a proper establishment of the company.
Then they are dedicated for the capital provision to the proposed Basecoop.
Virtual Basecoins can be exchanged to bit which will be withdrawable to crypto-currencies, regional currencies and other virtual currencies if there are available reserves.

Virtual Basecoin issue
1 issue package costs the value of 1 EUR equivalent in cryptocurrencies (BTC, BCH, BTG, LTC, ETH, DASH).
Just now an issue package consists of 2 virtual Basecoins.
This is a special half price. Just now you can get 2 Basecoins for the price of 1! The current bonus is 100%!
But the number of Basecoins per issue package will be lowered gradually to 1.2 Basecoin (bonus 20%).
A person can possess a maximum of 100,000 Basecoins.
The offer of issue packages will be interrupted or stopped when GCM CLG and Basecoop are financed sufficiently.

Just for Basecoin owners: 10% Referral rewards!

The GCM CLG is registered as a Company Limited By Guarantee, a non-profit company.
A company limited by guarantee does not have a share capital or shareholders, but instead has members who act as guarantors.
It cannot raise money by issuing shares to equity subscribers but it can issue debentures.

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